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Mar 2, 2020 Constantia Blog

What Activities Are Good for Care Home Residents?

When your loved one is in a care home, it’s important that they’re looked after and given all the medical attention they need. But on top of that, they need to keep their bodies active and their brain focused. Days can become long and boredom may set in. Regular activities are a great thing to look forward to and can provide residents with a lot of entertainment.

But there are several different activities that care home residents will benefit from. Which ones are best? Residents with different needs will all enjoy the time spent together, and the memories will last forever. Let’s look at which activities are good for care home residents and what they can look forward to with Constantia Healthcare.

Story Telling

Of course, care home residents can read and enjoy a good novel if they enjoy a good story. But to get everybody involved and strengthen bonds between residents, nothing works better than sharing a favourite story from the past.

Many residents will enjoy sharing some of their favourite tales from the past. Those stories could bring back fond memories of family members and friends, and funny stories are sure to spread a smile around the group. Everybody has their own unique story to share. It’s a great activity for every type of resident.

Cards, Trivia, and Board Games

Who doesn’t love a card game? For many of us, card games are a friendly, competitive activity and can provide hours of fun. Residents can keep their mind sharp and enjoy a tactical battle with their friends.

Board games can also provide plenty of entertainment, especially when the games involve teaming up. Residents can test their wits with trivia, and a leader board can keep things competitive. Cards, trivia, and board games are all great mental activities for residents.

Music and Singing

You’d be surprised by how many of our Constantia care home residents have a musical talent. What better way to showcase that talent than by organising a regular singing activity? Many care home residents enjoy taking part in a choir, or a simple sing-along, especially when they can select which songs they would like to rehearse.

But musical activities don’t always involve residents performing. Instead, a kid’s choir from a local school can come into the care home to sing some songs. For residents that are able to do so, a live performance is always an enjoyable activity.


We’ll bet that you didn’t think we would mention care homes and exercise. But exercise is one of the best activities for your body and mind – no matter what age you are.

Care home residents that are fit enough to attend exercise classes can enjoy simple yoga classes and stretches. They can also join some group classes in the swimming pool to add some extra resistance to their workout. The new environment and a change of scenery is always beneficial.

Interaction with Animals

Don’t worry – we’re not going to steal the ‘cat café’ idea for our care homes! But the concept behind these activities is hugely beneficial for care home residents, and spending time with animals makes for a great activity.

A large amount of care home residents have either had pets in the past, or currently own a pet that they’re no longer able to look after. Even getting to see their pet once a week is a weekly highlight for certain residents. Spending time with their furry friends brings back warm memories, and is an activity filled with laughter.

Care Home Activities with Constantia

When your loved one begins their stay at our Longlands or Roseleigh home, they enter the best care possible. Our care staff make sure that they have all the care and attention they need, for whatever physical restrictions and illnesses they may have.

Our tailor-made activities also make sure that residents are never bored or overwhelmed. They’ll have a choice of activities that will keep them engaged, focused, and smiling.

Our friendly staff are happy to answer any questions you may have about the activities we offer our residents. Get in touch on 01642 211 119 for our Longlands home, or 01642 656 122 for our Roseleigh home to find out everything you need to know.

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