Aug 7, 2020 neil Blog

Roseleigh People – Christine Donnelly

Christine Donnelly’s job is important at any time, but it became even more important during the Covid-19 lock-down.

As our housekeeper, Christine, and her team of five assistants, is responsible for ensuring that Roseleigh is clean, tidy, and safe for residents and staff.

This involves everything from making beds and doing laundry through to cleaning rooms and ensuring we are well stocked with cleaning and other housekeeping products.

Once the scale of the Covid-19 pandemic became known, Christine also had to ensure we had the appropriate PPE and that it was being used and disposed of properly.

However, Christine’s Roseleigh story begins 16 years ago when she first joined us, then as a domestic assistant.

Previously she worked in catering for a chemical company on Teesside, so it was a complete change of direction for her.

She says: “It’s a great place to work and the residents become like family to you, so you want to do the very best you can for them.

“As housekeeper, my team and I are always busy because we have to make sure the home is spotlessly clean, and this became even more important with Covid-19.

“Everyone worked so hard to ensure our residents and staff were as safe as possible and this often meant getting home later but there was a great team spirit.”

When she’s not working, Christine enjoys spending time with her husband and family, which includes eight grand-children – so she’s never short of things to do!

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