Aug 7, 2020 neil Blog

John Dawson

1997 was quite a year, just ask John Dawson.

Tony Blair’s Labour government swept to power, Titanic became one of the biggest-grossing films of all time, Princess Diana was killed in a car accident and an unknown author called JK Rowling released a book about a boy wizard called Harry Potter – whatever happened to that?

It was also the year that John started working at Longlands, and how lucky we were.

John Dawson

Twenty-three years later, and John is still here helping to look after the residents who call Longlands home.

John likes Longlands so much that he recommended us to three of his aunties, who all stayed with us until they unfortunately passed away.

He says: “It’s a long time to work at one place, but I have never seen any reason to leave as I have always been happy here.

“Even during the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone rallied round and just got one with the job of providing the best care possible to our residents.

“We are a real close-knit group and I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else.”

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