Choosing a care home

In the first instance, you need to ascertain what type of care you or your relative may require. Our two care homes provide care for people who usually living alone a nd who are unable to look after themselves even with the support of carers visiting their home.

The best way to choose a home is to come and see us after you have done some initial research and look around and talk to people who live in our home and the staff who work here.

Check with your GP and Social Services and ask around about us and you can look on the internet to see what other care homes are near you and what services they provide and how good they are when rated by CQC or Social Services.

There are lots of websites both locally and nationally with plenty of useful information and tips for choosing a care home as well as what financial support you may be able to access.

Some of these sites are listed here under Frequently Asked Questions on this site.

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