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Aug 7, 2020 neil Blog
Roseleigh People – Nicola Savage
When Nicola Savage began working at Roseleigh her daughter Lydia was not even a glint in her eye and 20 years later, they are now both here. Nicola is our longest serving members of staff, having started at Roseleigh when we first opened in 2000. Read More
Aug 7, 2020 neil Blog
Roseleigh People – Megan Thomson
When Megan Thomson decided she wanted to work in residential care, there was only one home for her – the one her late granddad lived in. That was three years ago, and Megan is now one of our Senior Care Assistants at Roseleigh, with aspirations to go further. Read More
Aug 7, 2020 neil Blog
Roseleigh People – Christine Donnelly
Christine Donnelly’s job is important at any time, but it became even more important during the Covid-19 lock-down. As our housekeeper, Christine, and her team of five assistants, is responsible for ensuring that Roseleigh is clean, tidy, and safe for residents and staff. Read More
Aug 7, 2020 neil Blog
John Dawson
1997 was quite a year. Tony Blair’s Labour government swept to power, Titanic became one of the biggest-grossing films of all time, Princess Diana was killed in a car accident and an unknown author called JK Rowling released a book about a boy wizard called Harry Potter – whatever happened to that? It was also the year that John started working at Longlands, and how lucky we were. Read More
Aug 7, 2020 neil Blog
The best things come in threes
They say the best things come in threes and we have the perfect example at Longlands – namely Jackie Bainbridge, Vera Fairless and Irene Howlett. Read More
Aug 7, 2020 neil Blog, How Are We Doing?, Testimonials
Caring for Vera
Stuart Fairless, whose mum Vera, is a resident at Longlands, said: “Mum had started falling over regularly in her own home and we knew we had to find a care home for her when she fell three times in one day. Read More
Aug 7, 2020 neil Blog, How Are We Doing?, Testimonials
Caring for Jackie
Sally Cowley, whose mum Jackie Bainbridge, is a resident at Longlands, said: “We live in Ingleby Barwick and when we were looking for a home for mum, we initially thought it would better to have her closer to us, but once we saw Longlands, we knew it was the place for her. Read More
Jul 1, 2020 neil Blog
The Derby
Roseleigh residents have been getting in some practice ahead of one of the world’s most popular horse races this weekend - The Derby - this weekend. Read More
Mar 19, 2020 Constantia Blog
Update on Corona Virus/COVID-19
Mar 13, 2020 Constantia Blog
Coronavirus – COVID 19 Procedure
Mar 2, 2020 Constantia Blog
What Activities Are Good for Care Home Residents?
When your loved one is in a care home, it’s important that they’re looked after and given all the medical attention they need. But on top of that, they need to keep their bodies active and their brain focused. Days can become long and boredom may set in. Regular activities are a great thing to look forward to and can provide residents with a lot of entertainment. Read More
Nov 5, 2019 Constantia Blog, Uncategorised
The importance of creating calm and reassurance in a dementia care environment
Moving a loved one into residential care is a difficult and complex decision, especially if your family member is living with dementia. Dementia can affect how we respond to everyday things and it can be hard to settle and feel at home in a care environment if we don’t feel calm, reassured and safe. As well as taking care of a person’s physical needs, we understand that it is equally as vital to look after our residents’ emotional needs and mental health. Read More
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