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Our Residents – Vera Fairless

Stuart Fairless, whose mum Vera, is a resident at Longlands, said: “Mum had started falling over regularly in her own home and we knew we had to find a care home for her when she fell three times in one day.

“When she was in hospital, Nikki, the deputy manager at Longlands, came to see her and they liked each other immediately.

“It, understandably, took her a few days to settle in but by the end of the week she was a completely different person.


“It was like we had wound the clock back ten years. She was happy, chatty and full of the joys of spring and we couldn’t believe the difference it had made on her health and well-being.

“Words fail me when I try to describe Longlands, other than that it is unbelievable, and the staff are amazing.

“Even when we were not able to see mum due to the Covid-19 lockdown, they kept us informed and let us bring in things for her to leave at the door. We knew she was in the safest of hands.”

We’re delighted that Vera loves living at Longlands; she is a pleasure to be around,

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