Admissions to our homes

We would like to reassure you that both Longlands and Roseleigh are still accepting people to the homes during the Covid-19 pandemic and that we are working closely with all relevant authorities, including Public Health England, the NHS, Middlesbrough Borough Councils and healthcare professionals to ensure all admissions are carried out in safe manner, albeit with some temporary restrictions in place.

You will hopefully find the following questions and answers useful when you, or a loved one, are considering coming to live in one of our homes during the time.

Will I need to self-isolate in my care home bedroom if I come to Roseleigh or Longlands?

We are able to offer two options:

  • New residents are able to self-isolate in their own home for a period of 11 days before joining us at Roseleigh or Longlands. At this time, they will be tested for Covid-19 on arrival and only need to self-isolate in their bedroom for 3 days until the result of the test is known (this could be shorter). Please note, you will NOT be charged for your 3 days if you choose this option.
  • New residents can come into Roseleigh or Longlands immediately and self-isolate in their bedroom, with support) for 14 days, during which time as Covid-19 test will be carried out.

Why is self-isolation needed before coming to stay in a care home?

You will all have seen the stories about Covid-19 transmissions in care homes at the height of the pandemic and subsequent Government lockdown, so it’s vital that care homes do their part to reduce and prevent the spread, especially with winter approaching. People can carry the virus and show no symptoms so by self-isolating all new residents for 14 days (whether in their own home or ours) we are minimising the risk of spreading the virus.

How do I self-isolate effectively at home?

If you chose to remain at home for 11 days before coming to Roseleigh or Longlands, it’s important that you don’t leave the house or have any visitors, unless it is essential to receive care from a family member or home care professional. In these cases, the two-metre social distancing rule should be maintained, and your visitor should wear a face covering. If you have carers coming into your home, they should routinely be wearing full PPE, e.g. face mask, gloves and apron.

If there are already other people in your household, e.g. a spouse or relative, still maintain the social distancing rule if at all possible, including staying in separate rooms if you can and using separate bathrooms or at least ensuring it is fully cleaned between different uses.

More information is available here. Throughout your 11 days in your own home, staff from either Longlands or Roseleigh will be in regular contact to provide advice and support.

How will I be able to view the home and my new bedroom?

We are following Government guidance and only currently allowing emergency medical visits and pre-booked socially distanced family visits outside at the current time. Therefore, we won’t be able to show you the home and your room ‘in person’ but we are able to arrange virtual tours, using tablets such as iPads, and provide ‘live’ interviews with managers and staff to answer any questions you may have. We can even show you the kinds of meals you will be eating and some of the many activities that take place at Longlands and Roseleigh, so it’s definitely the next best thing to actually visiting!

How are care assessments currently being carried out?

All new residents have a pre-admission assessment to ensure we have a full understanding of their special care needs. These are conducted via Facetime, Skype, Zoom or telephone – preferably with the prospective resident and somebody else, ideally a family member, present.

What will happen on the day of admission into Roseleigh or Longlands?

We appreciate it’s difficult but whilst loved ones can accompany new residents to our homes, we can only allow the resident to enter the home on the day of admission. Whether you have self-isolated at home first, or have chosen to isolate for the full 14 days in your room at Longlands or Roseleigh, you will be tested for Covid-19 and then our staff, who all wear PPE, will do their very upmost to ensure that either the 3 days or 14 days spent in your room are made as comfortable as possible, including popping in regularly for chats and bringing in meals and refreshments and arranging for you to speak to loved ones via telephone or video calling.

We can’t stress enough that the health, safety and wellbeing of our residents is of paramount importance and these measures are designed to ensure Longlands and Roseleigh remain Covid-19 free environments.

We are constantly monitoring Government advice and hopefully the self-isolation restrictions can be eased or lifted fully in the not too distant future, but if you have any queries please speak to our home managers directly.

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